Our Background

“Muz” is Desire
Owing to the different tea or coffee culture in every country, we are one of those who obsess in its taste and aroma. We regard that in every cup of coffee or tea, the maker send a message of feeling and good will to the drinker. From heart to heart, from cup to cup and from one little small thing of these tastes lovers, we produce coffee and tea drinks called “Muz” in order to prolong this relation to our coffee or tea drinkers.

More than a cup of coffee and a cup of tea
We make coffee and tea with our heart and wish the drinkers to absorb our unique flavor in every cup. We select ingredients from the best sources, providing excellent taste and mild aroma because “the best coffee and tea must come from the best beans and leaves only”. This is to specialize every Muz cup for everyone.

Signature Products

Our mission

Reserve product’s uniqueness
We remain the identity of Muz as we want everyone percept the product we present. Apart from the taste, the package design also reflects to its source, origin and pride in what we desire to be. We want to tell our drinkers and even foreigners who come to travel, grab some as a souvenir for their special one. Tell them this is Thai product and Thai uniqueness, Muz flavor will narrate our story in every cup.

Reserve product’s quality
Because we cling on quality, not only production process but also all details of the products including quality of the ingredients, taste after making it, aroma fragrance and everything that represents to “Muz”.

Sweet delights

One promise from us

Because the one that bond us with our drinkers is “taste”, we produce coffee and tea with our heart in every detail.

Coffee must come from the best source, good bean, good technique in planting, the rich of soil, air humidity and the other factors, which result to the best coffee bean after the harvest.

Similar to tea, there is no chemical from the beginning of planting to possessing tealeaves into excellent quality tea powder that offers nice aroma and original taste. Only Muz will make you feel delighted and satisfied when drinking it.

And this is the only thing that “Muz” promise, that our products are full of quality and care.

Product testing to remain its quality
We have tested our products to remain its quality in every way. Every lot of production must exit from our laboratory before handing to you, our drinkers, always. This is to reserve its unique test and mild aroma of Muz as much as possible and to conserve our value in quality, from us to our special customers.

Coffee and tea are good, Must come from coffee beans and tea leaves excellent only.
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